Frederick Alvey

Trade-card of Frederick Alvey. © The Trustees of the British Museum. Heal, 99.5.

ALVEY, Frederick (1817-1847) — London

Copperplate printer & lithographer. Produced Map or plan shewing in part all the highways, streets, lanes, ways, public passages and places in the several parishes of St John the Evangelist, St Margaret, St George Hanover Sqre, St Martin in the Fields, & St James … into which the Company of Proprietors of the Vauxhall Water Works formerly the South London Waterworks seek to be enabled to lay pipes, mains and feeders for the supply of water 1841. Also lithographed prints, e.g. A drunken gentleman proposes to a beautiful woman at her tea table, but is rejected ca. 1840 for T. C. Wilson’s Progress of temperance series, etc., as well as Swedenborgian tracts, sermons, etc.

Born in East Street, Walworth, 6 Mar 1817 — the son of Isaac Alvey, a hosier, and his wife Sarah Ann Sarson, who had married in 1806. He was baptised as an adult at the Friar Street Swedenborgian chapel in Blackfriars 2 Apr 1837. Alvey married Sophia Jane Allum in 1839. He was admitted to the workhouse as insane 6 Feb 1847 and died 19 Feb 1847 at the age of twenty-nine. He was buried in Norwood Cemetery 28 Feb 1847. Succeeded for a brief period by his widow, Sophia Alvey (1819-1892), who subsequently became a teacher of music. Trade-cards in John Johnson collection and British Museum.

128 London Road, Southwark — 1837-1847

BBTI. BM. Brown. Census 1841. COPAC. GL. Twyman.

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