John Sidney Archer

ARCHER, John Sidney (1838-1908) — London

Map & chart engraver. Unless these represent reissues of maps by his father, Joshua Archer (see BME 2011), who died in 1863, the younger Archer engraved maps for “The new national encyclopaedia atlas” 1868; William Hughes (see BME 2011), “The new comprehensive atlas of modern geography” 1870, etc.
A son of Joshua Archer (see BME 2011) and his wife Jane Allen (b.1795), born in Islington in 1838 and recorded as a map and chart engraver aged twenty-two on the 1861 census, resident with his parents, etc. Married Martha Edwards (1835-1919), a laundress, originally from Ewell, Surrey, with whom he had at least one child, 8 Jul 1861 at St. Luke, King’s Cross. He died at Croydon early in 1908.

2 Southampton Terrace, Islington — 1861
39 Euston Street, St. Pancras — 1871
34 Carpenter Road, Battersea — 1881
2 First Avenue, Wanstead — 1891
3 Huddlestone Road, Leyton — 1901

Census 1841-1901. LHD.