Gerard Vandergucht 2

VANDERGUCHT, Gerard 2 (fl.1758-1771) — London

Printseller, artists’ supplier, carver, gilder and picture dealer. Published Robert Morris, This Plate of St. Georges Parish, Hanover Square 1758 – engraved by William Austin.

Baptised at St. George Bloomsbury 11 Jul 1739, he was one of the thirty or so children of Gerard Vandergucht 1 (see BME 2011) and his wife Mary Liney, who had married in 1725. He was apprenticed to William Williams, a joiner, (£25) 4 Oct 1753. in 1758 he advertised “Just published, By G. Vandergucht, jun. removed from his late Shop, the Golden Head in George-street, to Vandyke’s Head in Brook-street, Grosvenor-square; a print of the plan of the parish of St. George, Hanover Square, with perspective views of St. George’s church, and all the chapels in the said parish. He sells great variety of fine prints and original drawings of the most eminent Italian, Flemish, and Dutch masters; water-colours, crayons, chalks, and every other article relating to drawing. Also an original picture of Sir Francis Walsingham, in which is a miniature of Queen Elizabeth, which was presented to him by the Queen, painted by Fred. Zuccaro” (Public Advertiser, 5 Dec 1758). He was apparently living in Leatherhead when he married Ruth Holden at St. Mary Magdalen, Richmond, 8 Sep 1759. There were half a dozen children born in the next decade, including a younger Gerard, born in 1762. Vandergucht was imprisoned in the Marshalsea for debt in 1771, but has not been further traced.

Golden Head in George Street — 1758
Vandyke’s Head in Brook Street, Grosvenor Square — 1758
Parish of St. George Hanover Square — 1762

Apprentice: William Nicholls 1762 (£15).

BM. Clayton.

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