John Morris Johnson

JOHNSON, John Morris (1804?-1880) — Norwich & London

Engraver, etcher, artist, lithographer, printer, publisher and advertising contractor. Lithographed Map of Texas. Comprising the grant of the Texian [sic] Emigration and Land-Company 1843 for “Emigration to Texas: being a prospectus of the advantages offered to emigrants by the Texan Emigration and Land Company”, printed by James Turner for James Malcott Richardson, 1843. Also known for a number of maps for Post Office directories, e.g. London. Drawn & engraved expressly for the Post Office Directory 1868, etc.

Born at Gothenburg in Sweden, apparently the son of the Chief Rabbi, in or about 1804, John Morris Johnson was living at 10 Castle Street with his wife Rosa Rosenthal (1814?-1880) and family 1841-1851, and at 3 Castle Street with his wife and five of their six children in 1861. In June 1854 he put notices in the London Daily News and the Morning Chronicle stating very firmly that he would not be answerable for any debts contracted by his wife or daughter Adelaide. After a contretemps the previous year, in 1858 he was compelled to become a naturalised British subject before being again re-elected to the Board of the Poor Law Guardians for the West London Union. He was active in parish affairs, becoming a Common Councilman for Farringdon Ward in 1865 and later founded The Food Journal: A Review of Social and Sanitary Economy 1870-1874. In 1859 and 1863 he was granted patents relating to advertising tablets. By 1866 the family had moved to Northwick Terrace, where Johnson died on 5 Apr 1880. Trading as “J. M. Johnson & Sons”, bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings were commenced against him and his sons, Edmund and Charles in August 1874. Johnson died 5 Apr 1880, just fifteen days after the death of his wife. Probate of his personal estate of under £800 was granted to Edmund and Charles, both themselves printers.

Little Orford Street, Norwich — 1830-1835
19 Newcastle Street, Strand — 1838-1839
10 Castle Street, Holborn — 1841-1861
3 & 10 Castle Street, Holborn — 1860-1861
— 3 Northwick Terrace, Maida Hill (home) — 1866-1880
3 Castle Street, Holborn — 1868-1874
— and 56 Hatton Garden — 1868-1877
— and 12 Hatton Yard — 1874
— and 31-39 Vine Street — 1874

BBTI. BNA. Census 1841-1871. Fincham. Hake. Hyde. LG. NA. Smith (Victorian). Tooley. Twyman.

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