John Max

MAX, John (fl.1844-1850) — London

Lithographer, zincographer and engraver. Produced Johnson Hicks, Map of the parish of Tooting, Graveny [sic] in the county of Surrey 1844.

John Max & Co. were lithographers, zincographers and engravers using the latest range of steam-powered presses. They had premises at the Royal Exchange, in Nicholas Lane off Lombard Street, and a factory at Mansfield Street in Southwark, appearing to have taken over the Nicholas Lane premises of Andrew Reid Grieve and John Grieve (see BME 2011). They appear only to have been in business between 1844 and 1850 — but he was not the John George Max who died in London in 1852.

2 Royal Exchange — 1846-1850
— and 33 Nicholas Lane, Lombard Street — 1846-1850
— and Mansfield Street, Borough Road — 1846-1850

BBTI. Twyman.

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