George David Myers

MYERS, George David (1802-1869) — London

Engraver and printer; colour printer. For work see Charles Speare Tosswill.

Born at Stamford in Lincolnshire 12 May 1802, the son of David Thompson Myers and his wife Phoebe Crow. Myers married (1) Mary Ann Boult at Runham, Norfolk, 5 Feb 1829, and (2) Jane Hotchin (1811-1881) at Horncastle, Lincolnshire, 19 Apr 1832. Originally based in Spalding, Lincolnshire, Myers was initially a warehouseman in London before taking over the premises of Theodore Dixon Page in Blackfriars Road, where he registered a press in 1838. In partnership with James Sparrow as “Myers, Sparrow & Co.” 1838. They were joined by Charles Speare Tosswill, until Sparrow left the concern 10 Oct 1840. Then in partnership with Tosswill as “Tosswill & Myers” until this partnership too was dissolved 27 Apr 1842. He was granted a patent, together with two hatmakers, in 1846 for improvements in the flocking of caps, bonnets, book-covers, etc. Subsequently traded as “George Myers, Day & Co.” 1846, then as George David Myers & Co.” 1855. After a legal dispute with the colour printers Abraham and Robert Le Blond in 1848, Myers became a licensee of the George Baxter process and produced oil-colour printing in the 1850s. He was acquitted in a complex fraud case involving the import of a quantity of Irish linen handkerchiefs tried at the Old Bailey on 15 June 1857. He had retired by 1861 and died at Bayswater 19 Jul 1869, leaving an estate valued at under £3,000 to his widow, Jane.

2 Blue Boar Court, Friday Street — 1837
62 Blackfriars Road, Southwark — 1838-1839
— 56 Gibson Square, Islington (home) — 1839
24 Budge Row, Cannon Street —1840-1842
4 Budge Row, Cannon Street — 1846-1847
— Malvern Terrace, Islington (home) — 1851-1857
45 Ludgate Hill — 1851-1857
— and 9 & 10 Peterborough Court, Fleet Street — 1855-1858
— 2 Talbot Villas, Tottenham (home) — 1861
— 36 Talbot Road, Bayswater (home) — 1869

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