William Rushton

RUSHTON, William (1803-1851)Calcutta

Book-keeper, bookseller, stationer, printer and publisher. Published Norris & Weston, Map of the survey of 24,000 square miles of the Nagpoor Territory, Map of British India and of the Post Office stations — both drawn by Henry Maitland Smith and printed by Thomas Black at the Asiatic Lithographic Press; Sketch map of the principal roads through the presidency of Bengal, lithographed by John Jackson at the Oriental Lithographic Press; William Mansfield, Map of the districts of Raujshahye & Pubnah 1840, The district of Balasore, The district of Kuttack, The district of Mynpoore and other maps by Charles Jennings, Mansfield, W. Robarn, George Henry Stapleton, etc., for “The Bengal and Agra annual guide and gazetteer” 1841-1842. Rushton was also the publisher of the The Bengal Sporting Magazine, the daily Mercantile Advertiser, the weekly Oriental Observer and Military Gazette, as well as the fortnightly Telescope.

Born 22 Mar 1803 and baptised 3 Apr 1803 at St. Peter, Liverpool — the son of Thomas and Alice Rushton of Harford Street — his father a labourer. He married (1) Anne Winstanley (1811-1842) at St. Anne, Liverpool, 16 Sep 1828. He had emigrated to Calcutta by 1833 and was for a number of years employed by the Englishman Press, but set up independently as a bookseller, stationer and printer in 1838. His first wife died at Calcutta 10 Sep 1842. He married (2) the London-born Augusta Mary Schneider (b.1820) 1 Feb 1845 at Calcutta. He died 2 Sep 1851 in Calcutta.

2 Vansittart Row, Calcutta — 1841
Kyd Street, Calcutta — 1845


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