Francis Dormieux

DORMIEUX, Francis (1772?-1851) — Calcutta

Engraver and silversmith. Produced maps and plans for William Francklin, “Memoirs of Mr. George Thomas Benares” (Calcutta, 1803), also plates for Richard Wellesley, 1st Marquess Wellesley, “Notes relative to the late transactions in the Marhatta Empire” (Calcutta, 1803), and his own “Hindoostany characters” 1805. Possibly the “Dormier” credited by Tooley for plans of Madras and Pondichery for the “Monuments de l’Hindoustan” 1821.

Born in or about 1772, Dormieux married Ann Gladwin in Bengal 7 Jan 1799. He advertised engraving executed “in the neatest manner and on the most reasonable terms” in The Calcutta Gazette between June and August 1803. He and his wife baptised a son, also Francis Dormieux (1805-1879), at Calcutta in 1806, as well as daughters Eliza Charlotte in 1811 and Mary Amelia in 1820. His wife was presumably related to the Francis Gladwin whose “The Persian guide exhibiting the Arabic derivatives” was published at Calcutta in 1800 with a title-page engraved by Dormieux. As a silversmith, he worked in partnership with Francis Vrignon as “Francis Dormieux & Co.” 1815-1821, successors to “John Hunt & Co.”. He was buried at Calcutta 9 Dec 1851 aged seventy-nine.

42 Bow Bazaar, Calcutta — 1803
51 Theatre Street, Calcutta — 1815-1821

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