John Burton

Burton trade-card.
Burton’s trade-card. © The Trustees of the British Museum. Heal 59.28.

BURTON, John (fl.1720-1727) — London

Engraver. Engraved A survey of Dun Bogs Farm, in the manor of Haversham, in ye county of Hereford (including a figure of Jonathan Sisson’s new theodolite) for Edward Laurence, “The duty of a steward to his lord: represented under several plain and distinct articles” 1727.

He appeared on Samuel Sympson’s list of leading engravers compiled in or about 1726 (see BME 2011) and also engraved the 1727 proposals for Batty Langley, “Pomona: or, the fruit-garden illustrated” 1728-1729. He subscribed to George Frederick Handel’s “The delightfull musical companion” 1726. A reproduction of his trade card, showing a reversed printing plate, dated 1726, is in BM (Heal, 59.28).

Against Barnard’s Inn, Fetter Lane, near Holborn — 1726

Alexander. BM. Henrey.