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Section 5 of the panorama of Calcutta drawn after nature by Frederick Fiebig and prepared, printed and published by Thomas Black of the Asiatic Lithographic Press in Calcutta in 1847. This fifth section shows Chowringhee Road. © The British Library Board. Shelfmark: P71-76.

BLACK, Thomas (1806-1861) — Calcutta

Lithographer, copperplate printer, bookseller & bookbinder. Proprietor of the Asiatic Lithographic Press. Produced Seat of the Russo-Turkish campaigns in European Turkey in 1828, 1829 ca.1830; Norris & Weston, Map of the survey of 24,000 square miles of the Nagpoor Territory 1841 — drawn by Henry Maitland Smith; Map of the Mysore dominions, and other maps for “The Bengal and Agra annual guide and gazetteer” 1841, published by William Rushton; Charles Joseph, Topographical survey of the River Hoogly from Bandel to Garden Reach 1844 — drawn by Henry Maitland Smith; Charles Joseph, Map of that part of India which lies between Calcutta and Lahore 1857. Also published Frederick Fiebig’s six-sheet panoramic view of Calcutta in 1847 and is known for at least one bookplate.

Born 19 Nov 1806 and baptised 26 Apr 1807 at Calcutta, the son of James Black and his wife Elizabeth Freed, who had married at Fort William in 1805. Married Eliza Ann Salmon (1810-1876) at St. John’s Cathedral, Calcutta, 19 Nov 1827. Black was originally employed by James Nathaniel Rind at the Government Lithographic Press, but disappeared when Rind was disciplined in 1829, only to re-emerge working for George Wood at the Asiatic Lithographic Press, a concern which subsequently became his own. He filed for insolvency 3 Nov 1853, the day after his partnership with Charles McAfee at the same address, trading as “Twentyman & Co.”, jewellers, watchmakers, silversmiths and electro-platers, also filed for insolvency. He died 3 Apr 1861 at Chowringhee. His son William George Black (b.1836) took over the press after his death.

Government Place, Calcutta — 1839-1840
Old Courthouse Street, Calcutta — 1841
3 Hare Street, Calcutta — 1850-1853
— 63 Dhurrumtollah, Calcutta (home) — 1850
4 Waterloo Street, Calcutta — 1861

BLIO. COPAC. Fincham. LG. Phillimore. SABTI.

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