—– Yates

YATES, —– (fl.1791?) –

Engraver. Engraved a map for a proposed canal between Derby and the Grand Trunk Canal, connecting with the River Trent, ca.1791.

Benjamin Yates (d.1798) of Liverpool is a possibility at this date, but Henry Yates (1731?-1803), engraver of Coventry, who took on William Thompson as an apprentice 7 Aug 1788, and was buried at St. Michael Coventry 27 Nov 1814 at the age of eighty-three, is perhaps the most likely candidate. He was presumably the son of the London engraver of the same name, who died in 1762 and to whom the younger Henry Yates had been apprenticed (Goldsmiths) 3 Oct 1744. His son Thomas was apprenticed to him in 1783 and later became a partner.

Fincham. Goldsmiths. Perkin.

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