Georg Michael Bauerkeller

Bauerkeller’s new embossed plan of London 1841.
Bauerkeller’s new embossed plan of London 1841. © Boston Rare Maps.

BAUERKELLER, Georg Michael (1805-1886) — Paris & Darmstadt

Lithographer; embossed paper maker; mapmaker. Produced Post und routen-karte van Deutschland 1832; Nouveau plan de Paris, en relief 1839; Le Mont-Blanc et les vallées qui l’environnent jusqu’au lac de Genève 1840; Neuester plan der freyen stadt Frankfurt am Main und Sachsenhausen ca. 1840; Bauerkeller’s new embossed plan of London 1841, published in London by Ackermann & Co., with “Bauerkeller & Co.”, stated to be of London & Paris; Neuester plan der freyen stadt Hamburg 1841; La France et la Belgique 1842; Hydrogr. karte von Europa 1842; Rhein-Panorama : hülfskarte zum relief 1842; La Suisse et les pays limitrophes die Schweiz 1842; Plan de la capitale St Petersbourg 1842; Neuester plan von Wien und dessen 34 vorstädten in relief ca.1842; Deutschland und die Niederlande 1844; “raised map of Great Britain and Ireland” — advertised in The Globe 1 Mar 1845; La Russie Européenne 1845; Plano in rilievo della città di Firenze 1847; Les Etats-Unis de l’Amérique du nord 1847; Geologische elemente 1847; Australien (Neu Holland, Australland) 1849; Carte en relief de l’empire Ottoman avec le canal de Constantinople et l’Arabie 1850; Nouveau carte des environs de Paris en relief 1850; Cartes géographiques en relief, de l’invention Bauerkeller : specimen : carta della Sardegna ca.1850; Embossed plan of the city of New York ca.1850; Orographische erdkarte in Mercators projection 1853; Livret du nouveau plan en relief de Sébastopol 1855; Système solaire et planétaire 1860; “Handatlas der allgemeinen erdkunde, der länder- und staatenkunde : in 80 karten” 1860; La Grande-Bretagne et l’Irlande 1863; Les Vosges, la Forêt Noire et la vallée du Rhin 1864; Central America, Mexico 1879, etc.

Born 4 Jan 1805 and baptised the following day at Wertheim in Germany, the son of Georg Philipp Bauerkeller (1770-1828) and his second wife Anna Elizabetha Grossmann (1776-1807). Married Anna Elizabetha Hoock (1801-1874) at Wertheim 24 Jul 1831. They had numerous children, born variously in Frankfurt-am-Main, Wertheim, Karlsruhe and Paris. Experimented with typometric map printing in 1832. Moved to Paris in 1837, where he was recorded as a manufacturer of embossed paper and a lithographer. Patented his method of “geomontographie“ in France in 1839. Made at least half a dozen visits to England 1838-1847. The Weekly True Sun (13 Jun 1841) greeted Bauerkeller’s new embossed plan of London 1841 with, “Our attention has been directed to this most beautiful production, which, as a work of art, surpasses in an eminent degree anything that has preceded it — combining accuracy with effect, the colours of the different districts harmonising so well that the eye feels no fatigue in tracing the sinuosities of this great metropolis. Maps of Paris, Vienna, Hamburgh, New York, Frankfort and Versailles, upon the same plan are likewise in the course of publication”. Some correspondence relating to his presenting relief maps to the RGS in 1842 in RGS. Edward Stanford (see BME 2011) advertised “Bauerkeller’s embossed maps of the Ottoman Empire, and Russia in Europe, price 21s. each, are imported and sold by Edward Stanford … These maps possess the advantage of representing the natural features of the country, the heights of the mountains, &c., in relief” (Press (London), 4 Feb 1854). Died at Paris 1 Mar 1886. A number of designs for lace, etc., were registered in England by Hoock Bauerkeller, presumably a son.

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