Harry Cooper Jervis

JERVIS, Henry (Harry) Cooper (1814-1862) — Sydney

Engraver and lithographer. Produced Francis Price Blackwood, Chart of the Barrier Reef Australia from latitude of 12° 15’S to 9° 07’S with Torres and Endeavour Straits as surveyed in Her Majesty’s vessels Fly and Bramble ca. 1847. Also engraved postage stamps, etc.

Born at Wincanton, Somerset, in 1814 and baptised 15 Feb 1816 — the son of James Jervis, a draper, and his wife Sarah Cooper, who had married in 1810. Married Jane Edwards Wessen (1818-1869), with whom he was to have at least eight children, at Bath 17 Dec 1839. Emigrated to Australia, arriving on the Fairfield 14 Dec 1840, with his wife and a child. He worked originally in Adelaide, where he was additionally appointed a police constable in September 1842. He arrived in Sydney via Hobart in April 1843, publishing a detailed price-list in the Sydney Dispatch 9 Dec 1843. He worked on occasion with “Allan & Wigley”. Jervis was declared insolvent in October 1846 — at a hearing on 17 Oct 1846 “The meeting allowed the insolvent to retain his bed, bedding, and wearing apparel” (Sydney Morning Herald, 19 Oct 1846) — he applied repeatedly for a certificate of discharge the following year. He became a publican in December 1853, taking over the “Crown & Anchor” in Newtown (although keeping on his Pitt Street premises), but was fined the following year for selling alcohol on a Sunday. The licence was passed on by September 1854. He was declared bankrupt once more in June 1856. He was sentenced to twelve months in jail with hard labour for assault and inflicting grievous bodily harm on his wife in August 1860. Died at Sydney aged forty-seven 3 Dec 1862. Buried 5 Dec 1862 at Camperdown.

Opposite the Royal Oak, Hindley Street, Adelaide — 1841
Adelaide — 1841-1843
333 Pitt Street, Sydney — 1843-1851
329 Pitt Street North, Sydney — 1852-1853
28 Pitt Street, Sydney — 1855-1857
169 Pitt Street, Sydney — 1858-1862

DAAO. Niedorf. Trove.

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