Anna Maria Munday

MUNDAY, Anna Maria (1782-1864) — London

Printer, lithographer, bookseller, stationer and publisher. A partner in “Dean & Munday” — for work see Mary Anne Dean.

Born 6 Dec 1782 and baptised 26 Dec 1782 at St. Katherine Cree in the City of London, the daughter of the printer William Bailey (1743-1794) and his wife Susan (Susanna) Hawes (1742-1810), who had married in 1767. On the death of William Bailey in 1794, his widow took over the running of the business herself. When she herself died in 1810, her will left this long-established family printing business specifically to her two daughters, “for their own sole use and benefit absolutely not to be subject of countrol of any present or future husbands”. The daughters were in fact both married to former apprentices of the business: Mary Anne Bailey had married Thomas Dean in 1804, while Anna Maria Bailey had married Thomas Munday, with whom she had eight children, at Horsleydown 26 Oct 1805. Although the terms of the will appear not to have been wholly observed, Mary Anne Dean and Anna Maria Munday remained at least nominally the principals in the business, which had become “Dean & Munday”, until the partnership was formally dissolved by their husbands on 25 Dec 1840. The business subsequently became “Thomas Dean & Co.” and “Thomas Dean & Son”. Anna Maria Munday died at St. John’s Wood 5 Mar 1864. Her effects were stated at under £450 when probate on her estate was granted 7 Apr 1864.

35 Threadneedle Street — 1823-1840
— and 40 Threadneedle Street — 1832-1840
Church Hill, Woolwich (home) — 1841-1851
Rosendale Road, Lower Norwood (home) — 1861-1864

BBTI. BNA. Brown. Census 1841-1861. COPAC. Humphries & Smith. Twyman. Wakeman & Bridson.

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