Thomas Prattent

PRATTENT, Thomas (1764?-1841) — London

Draughtsman, engraver, etcher, printer & print-seller. Engraved Cherbourg Harbour for the European Magazine 1800. Also known for numerous London views, caricatures, portraits, etc. He was the co-author of the “Virtuoso’s companion and coin collector’s guide” (1795-1797) and issued his own trade tokens.

Born in or about 1764, the son of John Prattent and his wife Elizabeth Talbot. He married (1) Ann Graves 8 Dec 1787 at St. Michael Paternoster Royal, and (2) Elizabeth Schindler 26 Mar 1799 at St. Sepulchre. He was imprisoned in the Marshalsea for debt in July and August 1804. He was buried at St. James Clerkenwell at the age of seventy-seven 25 Feb 1841.

46 Cloth Fair, Smithfield — 1786-1800
Clerkenwell Green — 1804
Clerkenwell Close — 1841

Apprentices: Josh Crane 1786 (£12.12s); Charles Head 1792 (£10).

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