Henry Wilson

WILSON, Henry (1814?-1888) — Dublin

Engraver. Engraved a map of County Antrim for the Ordnance Survey of Ireland 1858.

Born in or about 1814, Henry Wilson married Isabella Saunders (d.1893), daughter of the Dublin architect Richard Saunders, at some point in the 1840s. Accounts of a forgery trial, reported in the Dublin Evening Post (28 Aug 1852) and elsewhere, commend Wilson’s actions in trapping a forger, engraving a deliberate forgery of an American banknote (with the full knowledge of the authorities) to aid in the capture of a man preying on emigrants. He later became an engraver at the Ordnance Survey Office, Mountjoy Barracks, Phoenix Park, Dublin. One of his sons, Richard Wilson (1857?-1892), subsequently became an engraver for the Ordnance Survey at Southampton. Other of his sons, Henry Hansel Wilson (1851?-1929), Trevor Frederick Wilson (1854-1890) and Ernest Alfred Wilson (b. 1867), also became engravers, the two former also working in England. Wilson died at the Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Dublin, 14 Jun 1888.

5 Fountain Place, Dublin — 1850
Wellington Quay, Dublin — 1852
2 Aston’s Quay, Dublin — 1853
32 Middle Gardiner Street, Dublin — 1854
37 Richmond Place, Dublin — 1854
— and 10 Trinity Place, Dublin — 1854
16 Fleet Street, Dublin — 1864
26 Wicklow Street, Dublin — 1867
9 Capel Street, Dublin — 1871
31 Upper Dorset Street, Dublin — 1875
17 Georges Place, Dublin — 1877-1878

BNA. NA. Information from Leah Wilson.

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