George David Hebert

Heberts Library”from John Tallis 1, “Tallis’s London street views” 1838-1840.
Hebert’s bookshop, from John Tallis 1, “Tallis’s London street views” 1838-1840.

HEBERT, George David (1776-1837) — London

Draughtsman and geographer, bookseller, publisher and librarian. Produced maps of Berkshire, Cornwall, Cheshire, Hampshire and Westmoreland for James Wallis, “J. Wallis’s second & superior British atlas” 1814, reissued as “Ellis’s new and correct atlas of England and Wales” in 1819.

Presumably related to Louis Hebert, who also worked on this series of maps, Hebert was born 21 Apr 1776 and baptised 17 May 1776 at the French Huguenot church of Eglise de l’Artillerie, Artillery Street, Spitalfields, the son of George Hebert (1745-1794), weaver, and his wife Anne Peltreau (1748-1788), who had married at Shoreditch in 1772. Apprenticed (Stationers) to the bookseller and stationer William Lane on 1 Apr 1794 (£100 — paid by his guardian David Descarrieres). Free (Stationers) 5 May 1801. He married Elizabeth Woodburne (1788-1864) 16 Nov 1811 at St. Mildred Poultry. A bookselling partnership with his brother William Hebert (b.1784) was dissolved by mutual consent 25 Dec 1814. Some papers relating to a possible legal dispute with William Newton survive in the National Archives. Hebert published the Sessions Papers of the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey) 1835-1837. He died 14 Jul 1837 and was buried at Bunhill Fields 20 Jul 1837. His will, leaving everything to his wife and two sons, George Hebert (1817-1861) and Roger Woodburne Hebert (1818-1894), survives in the National Archives (PROB 11/1881/347). The bookshop and circulating library were continued by the family at least until the death of his widow in 1864. Insurance policies for 1817 and 1833 are in London Metropolitan Archives. His premises at 88 Cheapside, next door to Mercers’ Hall, are depicted as “Mechanical & Scientific Bookseller. Heberts Library” in John Tallis 1, “Tallis’s London street views” 1838-1840.

36 Poultry — 1814-1815
88 Cheapside — 1819-1837

Apprentice: Roger Woodburne Hebert (son) 1833.

BBTI. BNA. Chubb. LG. LHD. McKenzie. NA. OB. Tooley.

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