Charles Walton Coard

The Province of Assam under the Jurisdiction of the Chief Commissioner
The Province of Assam under the Jurisdiction of the Chief Commissioner, 1877 – updated to 1891. © Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

COARD, Charles Walton (1830-1892) — London & Calcutta

Map, ornament and token engraver, and printer. Produced The province of Assam under the jurisdiction of the Chief Commissioner, Calcutta 1877, etc. Also published Nathaniel Heckford, “Practical sailing directions and coasting guide from the Sand Heads to Rangoon, Maulmain, Akyab, and vice versa” 1859.

Born 3 Oct 1830 and baptised 24 Nov 1830 at St. George in the East, Stepney — the son of Charles Walton Coard, a clerk, and his wife Mary Ann Aldridge, whom he had married at Rotherhithe in 1821. The engraver married Elizabeth Catherine Porter at Hackney 21 Aug 1854, although records of a concurrent dispute between the families survive in National Archives. Listed on the 1861 census return specifically as a map engraver, resident with his wife, younger brother, four children and two servants. An 1865 directory describes him as a map engraver and hill etcher. He then joined the Bengal Civil Service as an engraver and spent most of the period 1868-1887 in India. He was admitted to the Holloway Sanatorium at Virginia Water 21 Jun 1890, described as “late Superintt. Engraving Branch Survey. India”. He died there 16 Jun 1892 and administration of an estate valued at £245.12s.2d was granted to his widow. Coard was also the designer and engraver of the first Tasmanian stamps in 1853.

84 Bishopsgate — 1851
90 Hatton Garden — 1856
7 Helmsley Terrace, South Hackney (home) — 1861-1862
13 Warwick Court, Gray’s Inn — 1865
38 Brooke Street, Holborn Bars — 1865
Calcutta — 1869
Nightingale Lane, Wanstead (home) — 1871-1874
55 Alexandra Road, Hornsey (home) — 1890-1892

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