William Gill Brown

BROWN(E), William Gill (1815-1892) — York & Halifax

Engraver and lithographer. Produced Plan of ancient Ebvracvm and modern York and Plan of the church and principal part of the monastery of St. Mary at York for “A descriptive account of the antiquities in the grounds and in the Museum of the Yorkshire Philosophical Society” 1852.

Born in York 16 Mar 1815, Brown was a son of the York drawing-master and historian John Brown(e) (1793-1877) and his wife Isabella Chapman (1797-1876), who had married in 1814. William Gill Brown was apprenticed to John Le Keux (see BME 2011). He subsequently worked with his father until 1848. He married (1) Mary Harison (1816-1851) at All Saints North Street, York, 10 Oct 1837; and (2) Harriet Hazlewood (Heslewood) at Halifax in 1852. He was sued in 1866 over some money his father had given him in contravention of the bankruptcy regulations. Brown was by that time keeping an inn in Hull, where he was living with his second wife Harriet and an adult son. By a deed of conveyance dated 8 May 1867, all his estate and effects were transferred to a trustee, “to be administered for the benefit of his creditors, as in bankruptcy”. By 1871 he was back in York, now described as a retired spirit merchant, but in 1881 as a painter. He ended his days as a labourer and died at York in 1892.

31 Petergate, York — 1838
Barker Hill, York — 1841
6 Henry Street, Halifax — 1851
1 South Parade, Hull — 1861
Lansdowne Street, Hull — 1865
107 Lowther Street, York — 1871
46 Newbiggin Street, York — 1878-1881
12 Cecilia Place, York — 1891

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