Robert Franklin

FRANKLIN, Robert (1815?-1871) — Southampton

Ordnance Survey engraver. Worked as a writing engraver on the Kent sheets of the Ordnance Survey 1862-1871.

Born in Cork in or about 1815, he was working for the Ordnance Survey in Southampton in 1851-1871, lodging with his fellow engraver George Thompson 2 in the latter year. He died 6 Nov 1871 — “We have also to record the death of Mr. Robert Franklin, who was for many years an artistic engraver at the Ordnance Survey Office. He was a man of very superior intelligence and considerable artistic talent, and a good lecturer and public speaker. He took great interest in all our literary and educational institutions, and in everything that contributed to refine and enliven society. He lived a blameless and very useful life amongst us, and has left numerous friends in Southampton who deeply regret his death. He was vice-president of the Polytechnic Institution, and his name appears as one of the artists who got up the admirable map of Southampton, just published by the Ordnance Survey. Mr. Franklin was a native of Cork, where he died on Monday night” (Hampshire Advertiser, 11 Nov 1871).

5 Orchard Street, All Saints, Southampton (home) — 1851
1 Carlton Place, Southton (home) — 1861
16 Fanshaw Street, Southampton — 1871

BNA. Census 1851-1871. NA.

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