George Henry Stapleton

STAPLETON, George Henry (1810-1882) — Calcutta

Lithographer, engraver, printer and bookbinder. Produced Map of Kishnagar, Map of the district of Dacca, etc., for “The Bengal and Agra annual guide and gazetteer” 1841, published by William Rushton; Map of the district of Cawnpoor and other maps for Robert Montgomery, “Statistical report on the district of Cawnpoor” 1849.

Born at Calcutta 18 Apr 1810 and baptised 15 Jul 1810 — the son of Joseph Stapleton and his wife Teraza (Teroza, Theresa) Isaac, who had married in 1807. He married (1) Johanna Agatha Hettson (1812?-1862) on 17 Nov 1828. Stapleton was originally employed by James Nathaniel Rind at the Government Lithographic Press, but dismissed when Rind’s methods of running the concern were questioned in 1829. He was in partnership with William Swallow Holland, as “Stapleton & Co.” when he was imprisoned for debt in “the common gaol of Calcutta” in May 1832. He was discharged 21 Jul 1832 and then engaged on a temporary basis by the Survey of India for the completion of the fifth and sixth volumes of the General Report of the Great Trigonometrical Survey — “He is an engraver and a lithographer, writes a splendid hand, prints beautifully, draws tastily, and is withal exceedingly docile and tractable” (Phillimore). He subsequently became a draftsman at the Government Lithographic Press. He married (2) Margaret Rosalia Read (née Wiseham) (1824-1913) on 27 Nov 1863. He died 5 Apr 1882 and was buried the following day.

Cossitollah, Calcutta
Creek Row, Calcutta
Waterloo Street, Calcutta — 1831-1832

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