John Hemingway

HEMINGWAY, John (1783-1836) — London

Engraver and copperplate printer. Engraved A map of Canaan, adapted to Old Testament history and A map of Judæa, adapted to the New Testament history for John Griffith Mansford, “A scripture gazetteer, or, geographical and historical dictionary of places and people mentioned in the Bible” 1829 — both later utilised in J. T. Bannister, “A survey of the Holy Land” (Bath, 1843).

Born 10 Apr 1783, the son of William and Rebecca Hemingway, and baptised at St. James Garlickhithe 4 May 1783. He joined the masonic Antients Grand Lodge in 1808, the same year he became a freeman of the Barbers’ Company by patrimony. He was buried at St. Botolph Bishopsgate at the age of fifty-three 23 Sep 1836.

Bishopsgate — 1808
62 Bishopsgate Street — 1823-1836

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