Isaac Tirebuck

TIREBUCK, Isaac (1815-1882) — London

Engraver, steam-printer, lithographic draughtsman, wood-engraver and publisher. Produced, with Joseph Tirebuck, Saint Luke Middlesex, divided into five wards, under the Metropolitan Local Management Act 1855.

Isaac Tirebuck was born 27 Jun 1815 and baptised 23 Jul 1815 at St. Giles without Cripplegate, the son of a London gunsmith, Joseph Tirebuck (d.1815) of Beech Lane, and his wife Grace Drew, who had married in 1806. He was apprenticed (Stationers) to the printer William Gilbert on 1 Mar 1831. Free (Stationers) 3 May 1853. He was in partnership with his elder brother Joseph Tirebuck from 1844. He married Sarah Elizabeth Braine at St. John Hackney 24 Dec 1848, with whom he had several children. He was granted a patent for “improved machinery for printing from engraved plates” 29 Jun 1859. He died at Islington on 10 Apr 1882 aged sixty-six. Probate was granted on a personal estate valued at £1,118.12s to his brother and his widow on 13 Jun 1882.

24 Queen Street, City of London — 1844-1847
15 Little St. Thomas Apostle — 1847-1849
(3 Windsor Court), 40½ Monkwell Street, Cripplegate — 1850-1882
— 3 Suffolk Street, Islington (home) — 1855-1877
— 28 Ecclesbourne Road, Canonbury (home) — 1878-1882

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