John Lothian

Detail from Thomas Hosmer Shepherd, East side of St. Andrew’s Square, Edinburgh.
Engraved by James Johnstone.

LOTHIAN, John (1802-1846) — Edinburgh

Bookseller, stationer, globe and map publisher, and geographer. Produced “Lothian’s county atlas of Scotland” 1824-1826; Lothian’s plan of the city of Edinburgh 1825 and Lothian’s plan of the town of Leith 1826, both engraved by George Bartholomew; “Lothian’s historical atlas of Scotland” 1829; “A new and elegant classical atlas” 1834; “New general atlas : being a collection of maps of the world & quarters” 1834; Lothians county maps of Scotland for tourists & sportsmen — pocket-maps of the individual counties; a pocket bible-atlas; plans of most of the major Scottish towns; pocket road maps; recent maps of the wider world; “Lothian’s time reckoner” 1839 — and a range of globes — five-inch, seven-inch, nine-inch and twelve-inch, e.g. Lothian’s new terrestrial globe accurately projected containing all the recent discoveries, a nine-inch globe of 1828, subsequently sold by Daniel Lizars. Lothian also published theology, biography, poetry and music, etc. (for names in bold see BME 2011).

Born in Edinburgh 12 Sep 1802 and baptised at St. Cuthbert 18 Sep 1802, the son of Andrew Lothian and his wife Margaret Hogg. Described as a geographer on the 1841 census return, when living at Baxter’s Place. His premises in St. Andrew Square, originally next door to those of John Thomson 1, are depicted in the print East Side of St. Andrew’s Square, Edinburgh, engraved by James Johnstone from an original study by Thomas Hosmer Shepherd published in 1830 as part of the series known as “Modern Athens! Displayed in a series of views: or, Edinburgh in the nineteenth century” (1829-1831) — Lothian was the Edinburgh agent for the publication. Described as a map-publisher in directories until 1838, but subsequently as a geographer on the 1841 census return and elsewhere. He shared his premises in Baxter’s Place 1841-1842 with Thomas Brumby Johnston and was perhaps working with or for William Johnston and Alexander Keith Johnston (“W. & A. K. Johnston”) in this latter portion of his career. He died 11 May 1846, his personal estate (valued at £95) consisting of a three-quarter share of copyrights, copper-plates and sheets on hand of his maps and atlases, some of which were published posthumously by others (for names in bold see BME 2011).

41 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh — 1824-1831
37 George Square, Edinburgh — 1834-1835
21 Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh — 1836-1838
2 Baxter’s Place, Edinburgh — 1840-1843
3 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh — 1844-1846

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