Robert Newbery

NEWBERY, Robert (1823-1884) — London

Draughtsman, lithographer, lithographic artist & chromolithographer. Lithographed Henry Akerman’s set of maps of the wards of the parish of Lambeth 1855. His “Gleanings from ornamental art of every style : drawn from examples in the British, South Kensington, Indian, Crystal Palace, and other museums, the exhibitions of 1851 and 1862, and the best English and foreign works, in a series of one hundred plates, containing many hundred examples” was published in 1863.

Born 9 Aug 1823 and baptised at St. Paul Hammersmith 9 Nov 1823, the son of John Newbery, a labourer, and his wife Sarah Elizabeth. Newbery and his wife Maria were living in Walworth by 1851 with a small baby, the eldest of at least ten eventual children. A partnership from at least 1866 with Benjamin Alexander, trading as “Newbery & Alexander” was formally ended 14 Oct 1871, with Newbery continuing alone. A subsequent partnership with Charles Henry Littleton Wilday (“Newbery & Wilday”) was ended 15 May 1878. Newbury went blind in later life and was unable to continue working. He died at Balham 28 Apr 1884.

41 Rathbone Place — 1841
— 3 Graham Street, Walworth (home) — 1851
43 Castle Street, Holborn — 1855-1878
— 21 Beresford Terrace, Walworth (home) — 1861
— 119 Beresford Street, Walworth (home) — 1867-1881
— and 5 Castle Street, Holborn — 1872-1878

BNA. Census 1851-1881. Hyde. LG. Wakeman & Bridson.

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