John Bathgate

BATHGATE, John (1827-1886) — London & Birkenhead

Map engraver.

Born 9 Oct 1827 and baptised 11 Nov 1827 at Haddington, Midlothian, the son of John Bathgate, a joiner, and his wife Helen Mercer. Recorded as a map outline engraver on the 1851 Census, living in Lambeth with an uncle. He married the Scottish-born Mary Cooper, daughter of the late Charles Cooper, a tailor, 14 Jun 1856 at St. Mary Lambeth. In 1861, still described as a map engraver, he was living with his wife Mary and two small sons in Birkenhead. By 1871 the couple had five children. In 1881 both his son John Theodore Francis Bathgate (1857-1944) and his daughter-in-law, Georgina Bathgate (1854-1910), née Montgomery, are also listed as map engravers. He died 3 Jun 1886.

Barrett Street, Lambeth (home) — 1851
63 Hatfield Street, Southwark (home) — 1857
29 Chester Street, Birkenhead, Cheshire (home) — 1861
23 Barton Street, Birkenhead (home) — 1871
14 Belle Vue Road, Poulton with Seacomb, Birkenhead (home) — 1881

Census 1851-1881.