Samuel Carver

CARVER, Samuel (1756-1841) — London

Map and print-seller in partnership with Henry Carington Bowles, trading as “Bowles & Carver”. Work is listed under Henry Carington Bowles.

Baptised at West Bridgford, Nottingham, 19 Dec 1756 — the son of Robert and Martha Carver. Apprenticed (Joiners) to Carington Bowles (see BME 2011) on 1 May 1770. Free (Joiners) 7 Oct 1777. Became a partner in “Bowles & Carver” 1793. He is probably to be identified with the Samuel Carver who married Elisabeth Hibbert at St. Mary Nottingham 18 Jan 1796. Papers relating to a “friendly” legal case brought by Carver in 1830 against the Bowles family and others survive in NA — the case, relating to a highly complex inheritance and the provisions of an earlier marriage settlement, was reported in full in “The Law Journal for the Year 1831”, pp.91-99. In 1841, at the age of eighty-four, he was living in Enfield with the younger Henry Carington Bowles (his partner’s son) and his family. He died there later that year at the age of eighty-five — 8 Oct 1841 — and was buried at St. Andrew, Enfield. Will in NA — PROB 11/1952/130.

Forty Hill, Enfield — 1841

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