Charles John Culliford

CULLIFORD, Charles John (1816-1893) — London

Lithographer, lithographic draughtsman and printer. Produced Thomas George Beck, A map of the parish St. Paul Covent Garden, shewing the site of Bedford House & grounds. From a survey, made by William Lyborn [i.e. Leybourn] in the Year 1686 1851; Genealogical chart of the ancient families of Hepple, Oggill and Bertram, with a map ca.1850; a map of Richmond, Virginia, as the Confederate capital ca.1861.

Culliford was born in Bath 17 Sep 1816 and baptised 27 Apr 1817 at the Argyle Chapel, the son of James Culliford and his wife Mary Anderson. He was presumably related to James Edward Culliford (see BME 2011) and perhaps his pupil, but no definite connection has been traced. He commenced in business in 1837. He married Mary Jane Clark (1826-1913) 11 Sep 1849. He was imprisoned for debt in 1852. He was again declared bankrupt in March 1862, although he filed for discharge almost immediately and was discharged on 21 May 1862. There are also a number of papers relating to litigation in NA. In 1863 he advertised the largest poster ever executed and he later traded as “C. J. Culliford & Sons”, with his sons Charles Stewart Culliford (1855-1914) and Henry Thomas Culliford (1862-1935), specialising in poster printing, especially for theatrical productions. In 1871 he was employing five men and two boys. In 1889 he advertised in “The Stage” that a new twenty-four sheet poster will be the finest he has done. On 31 Dec 1891 Culliford ended the partnership with his younger son, Henry Thomas Culliford, who then went into a separate partnership with Herbert Clement Haycock as “Culliford & Haycock” until 1900. The original “C. J. Culliford & Sons” business, which in 1896 advertised itself as the oldest firm of theatrical printers in Great Britain, was formally wound up in 1925. Culliford himself had died 6 May 1893. Probate on a meagre estate, valued at just £130.11s.11d., was granted to his widow 2 Aug 1893.

107 Long Acre — 1840
22 Southampton Street, Strand — 1841-1871
— and 32 Southampton Street, Strand — 1851
— 182 High Holborn (home) — 1851
— 50 Upper Stamford Street (home) — 1861-1862
2a Field Court, Grays Inn — 1865-1886
12, 12a, 14 & 15, Fullwoods Rents, Holborn
— 13 Fullwood Rents, Holborn (home) — 1881
Fullwood House, Grays Inn — 1891

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