William Henry Brewer

BREWER, William Henry (1810?-1885) — London

Artist, draughtsman and wood engraver. Produced Twelve miles round St. Pauls for the Family Times 1846. Also known as a watercolourist.

Brewer was born at Blandford, Dorset, in or about 1810. He married Eleanor (Ellen) Charlotte French (1814-1871), a music teacher, at St. Pancras Old Church 27 Sep 1832. Recorded as an engraver in Red Lion Court in 1841, resident with his wife and two daughters. The 1851 census recorded him as an artist and wood-engraver, resident with his wife, his daughter Ellen Elizabeth Brewer (b.1835), already herself working as a wood-engraver, and two younger children. In 1861 the family were again living in Red Lion Court, he described as a wood engraver, with two daughters, Ellen and Maria Julia (1840-1904) now described as designers. By 1881 Brewer had become a widower. The changes of address in Red Lion Court probably represent changes in numbering rather than actual moves. He died in the latter part of 1885.

Red Lion Court — 1841
9 Red Lion Court — 1843
13 Red Lion Court — 1844-1845
6 Red Lion Court — 1846
— 10 Penton Place, Newington (home) — 1851
14 Red Lion Court — 1855-1885
— and 3 Gough Square — 1873-1885

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