John Paterson

PATERSON, John (fl.1841-1881) — Edinburgh, Dublin, Southampton & Glasgow

Map engraver, Ordnance Survey engraver, lithographer, stationer, printer. Probably the same man as the J. Patterson or J. Pattison listed as working for the Ordnance Survey in Dublin 1835-1837 in BME 2011.

Born 16 Sep 1814 in Edinburgh, the son of Kenneth Paterson and his wife Ann Wilson. In 1851 he was working for the Ordnance Survey in Southampton, resident with his Glasgow-born wife Ellen or Helen, née Hyndman, whom he had married at Castleknock in Dublin 8 Oct 1840; two sons born in Dublin in the early 1840s; three younger daughters born in Southampton, and his sister-in-law. By 1861, now living in Edinburgh, he was described as being on the Superannuation List. His son Kenneth Paterson, then nineteen, was a lithographic printer. A daughter, Martha, was born in Dublin in 1864, but by 1868 Paterson and his large family were living in Glasgow, and he was again working as an engraver. He is not thought to be the same man as the contemporary John Paterson, engraver and lithographer of Ronald Street and later Argyle Street, Glasgow. He was described as retired in 1881 and died before 1891, when his widow was recorded as an annuitant.

Dublin — 1841-1844
Southampton — 1846-1856
— Sidford Street, Millbrook, Hampshire (home) — 1851
— 3 East Arthur Place, St. Cuthbert’s, Canongate, Edinburgh (home) — 1859-1861
Dublin — 1864
156 Gallowgate Street, St. Andrew’s, Glasgow — 1870-1873
40 East Ingram Street, Glasgow — 1881

Census 1851-1881. Information from Mary Hentschel.

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