James Tuttle

TUTTLE, James (1815-1864) — London

Map engraver.

Born in Southwark and baptised at Christ Church 1 Oct 1815, the son of John Edward Tuttle, a butcher of Nelson Square, and his wife Elizabeth. Elsewhere listed simply as an engraver, Tuttle was specifically recorded on the 1861 census return as a map engraver. He married Elizabeth Agnes Knight (1814-1866) at St. George, Hanover Square, 7 Dec 1836. His sons, William James Tuttle (1840-1911) and John Edward Tuttle (1845-1913), were also map engravers. He was admitted to Colney Hatch lunatic asylum 26 May 1864 and died 11 Jun 1864. He was buried at the City of London and Tower Hamlets Cemetery 18 Jun 1864.

Crescent Street, St. Pancras — 1841
65 Swinton Street, St. Pancras — 1851-1861

Census 1841-1861.

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