William Jervis

A Figurative Plan of the City of Goa, 1831.
A Figurative Plan of the City of Goa, Madras, 1831. Engraved by William Jervis. © British Library Board. 1434.e.2.

JERVIS, William (fl.1825-1842) — Madras

Engraver. Engraved A figurative plan of the city of Goa for Denis Louis Cottineau de Kloguen, “An historical sketch of Goa, the metropolis of the Portuguese settlements in India”, published at Madras 1831.

Married Elizabeth —–. Amelia, his eldest daughter, born at Madras in 1825, married Charles A. Genot, 27 Oct 1842. He was presumably the William Jervis buried at Madras 23 Jan 1851 aged fifty. There may be some connection with Thomas Best Jervis (1796-1857), known for his mapping work in India, etc.

BBTI. Twyman.

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  1. Thanks for this! I found some engravings he did in an early cookbook printed in Madras and was trying to find out more about him.

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