Samuel Bellin

BELLIN, Samuel (1799-1893) — London

Line and mezzotint engraver, artist. Engraved Frederick Catherwood, Plan of Jerusalem 1835; plans for Edward Wedlake Brayley & John Britton, “History of the ancient palace and late Houses of Parliament at Westminster”, 1836. Chiefly known for architectural, portrait and figure engravings after many of the leading artists of the day, which were frequently advertised in the press.

Born in London 13 May 1799, the son of John Bellin and his wife Ann Mott. Baptised 20 Mar 1800 at St. Peter, Paul’s Wharf. His father later came to own Burnt House, Chigwell (the Burnt House of “Barnaby Rudge”). He was a pupil of James Basire 3 (see BME 2011), apprenticed (Stationers) 7 Mar 1815 for a premium of £150. He travelled overseas before returning to London in or about 1834. He married Susannah Southgate (1814-1875), with whom he had six daughters and a son, at Chigwell 28 Dec 1835. He was an original member of the Graphic Society and exhibited engravings at the Royal Academy and elsewhere 1835-1867. Records of a family dispute with the Southgate family survive in the National Archives. He retired before 1881 and died 29 Apr 1893 — “The death of Mr. Samuel Bellin brings with its announcement a kind of echo from the past. The name, which for so long had not been heard, yet which was at one time upon the friendly lips of all contemporary artists, has fallen somewhat into disuse, by reason of a voluntary retirement. Born in 1799, he would have completed his ninety-fourth year had he lived until the 13th of the present month. As a young man he studied in Rome with Severn, Turner, and others of that generation, developing a remarkable facility in copying work. It was not until his return to England that, recognising the capacities of his artistic sense, he resolved to devote himself to mezzotint engraving, a profession in which he presently acquired a foremost position, which, until he retired some thirty years ago” (The Sketch, 17 May 1893). His studio sale took place at Christie, Manson & Woods 30 Mar 1894. Probate of his estate was granted to the engraver Robert Wilmot Wilkinson and the publisher Elliot Stock 15 Jun 1893 — his effects stated at £57,190.7s.2d.

High Street, Marylebone — 1841
23 High Street, Camden Town — 1851-1853
49 Camden Street, Camden Town — 1855-1863
6 Camden Street, Camden Town — 1864-1871
12 Great Camden Street — 1881
17 Regents Park Road — 1891-1893

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