John Blundell

BLUNDELL, John (fl.1739-1751) — London

Engraver. Engraved Henry Overton, View and plan of Cartagena 1740; Ancient Italy and A map of the ancient city of Syracuse [&] Syracuse besieged by the Athenians for “Universal History from the Earliest Account of Time”, vol. vii, 1747. Also engraved a specimen plate of early typefaces for Joseph Ames, “Typographical antiquities: being an historical account of printing in England” 1749. (For all names in bold — see BME 2011).

Apprenticed (Stationers) to James Mynde 7 Mar 1727 (£12), recorded as the son of John Blundell of St. Giles Cripplegate, tailor. Free (Stationers) 3 Apr 1739. His trade card demonstrates skill at lettering, as well as incorporating a small map. He was perhaps a freemason, the trade-card featuring a putto holding aloft an ouroboros. The premises in Honeysuckle Court appear to have been rented by his father since the 1720s. A John Blundell of Grub Street was buried at Bunhill Fields 18 Jan 1746, but this was presumably the engraver’s father.

Honeysuckle Court, Grub Street — 1739-1751

Apprentice: John Gibson (£15) 1739 — turned over to John Pine 1 Feb 1743.

Alexander. BM. McKenzie.