Thomas Packer

Thomas Packer
Thomas Packer, Panoramic view of the entrenchment of Allied Armies of England and France before Sebastopol. Published by Stannard & Dixon, 1855. © National Army Museum. NAM. 1971-02-33-361-1.

PACKER, Thomas (1824-1896) — London

Lithographic artist, printer, mapmaker and publisher. Known chiefly for music covers, views, some portraits (one of Florence Nightingale), etc., but also specialising in bird’s-eye view maps of battles and theatres of war, many published by the “Stannard & Dixon” partnership of William Thomas Stannard and Francis Dixon. Packer drew and lithographed A panoramic view of the town, harbour forts and defences of Sebastapol and the siege works of the allied armies of England and France 1854; Accurate panoramic views of Sebastapol and its defences from the British and French batteries 1855; Authentic panoramic view of the Sea of Azoff, Straits of Kertch 1855; Panoramic view of the whole empire of Russia, in Europe & Asia, shewing the relative position of the seat of war 1855 for “Stannard & Dixon”; A panoramic view of the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea, with the fortified places from the Aland Isles to St Petersburg 1855 for “Stannard & Dixon”; A panoramic view of the external and internal defences of Sebastopol, the batteries, trenches and siege works of the allies 1855 for “Stannard & Dixon”; Panoramic view of Kinburn Spit & Fort, Port Otchakoff, & Fort Nicolaieff 1855, published by “Stannard & Dixon”; Panoramic view of the Turkish Empire and principalities, the Crimea, and the frontiers of Russia showing particularly the seat of war in Asia, comprising the fortified towns of Kars, Erz-Roum, Kulash, Kutais, Ardahan, & Akaltzik, the River Ingour, & the area occupied by the Russians, & the Turkish army under Omar Pascha 1856 for “Stannard & Dixon”; India at a glance. No. 1. Panoramic View of India from the Himalaya Mountains 1857, for “Read & Co.”; Stannard & Dixon’s panoramic bird’s eye view of Lombardy & its fortresses of Verona, Pavia, Mantua, Peschiera, Legnano, Lodi, Cremona, Pizzichetone, Padua, Como, Crema 1859; Stannard and Dixon’s panoramic birds eye view of the seat of war showing the kingdom of Sardinia with its principal cities, roads, railways, fortresses & strategic defences, the route of the Austrian’s approach 1859; Stannard & Dixon’s enlarged panoramic view of the fortresses, towns, railways & rivers in the immediate centre of hostilities in Italy showing the site of the battles of Montebello & Magenta 1859; Stannard & Dixon’s panoramic view of the positions of the Austrian & Franco-Sardinian armies 1859; Stannard & Dixon’s birds eye view of the north & south states of America shewing the seat of revolution projected from the ordnance surveys of the United States 1861; as “Packer & Griffin” drew and lithographed Stannard & Son’s, panoramic birds-eye view of France & Prussia and the surrounding countries likely to be involved in the War, with the railways & strategic positions of each army, & the great fortresses of the Rhine province 1870; as “Packer & Griffin” drew and lithographed Stannard & Son’s, panoramic birds-eye view, of Berlin & its defences, the principal Prussian ports on the Baltic, with Denmark and Schleswig Holstein 1870; as “Packer & Griffin” drew and lithographed No. 7 Stannard & Son’s, panoramic birds-eye view of Paris and its fortifications, and all the fortresses and strategic positions, between the capital and Metz 1870; A panoramic view of Servia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro and the adjacent provinces of Turkey in Europe 1876 for George Frederick Cruchley (see BME 2011); The Eastern Question at a glance. No. 1 the Russian position in Roumania looking towards Constantinople 1877; The Eastern Question at a glance. No 2. Panoramic bird’s eye view of the Ottoman Empire, Egypt & the surrounding countries affected by the war 1877.

Thomas Packer
Music cover sheet for the song The Evergreen Chappie, or, What’s the Odds as Long as You’re Happy? – with a full-length portrait of the actor and singer John Lawrence Toole. Lithographed by Thomas Packer. © The Trustees of the British Museum. Museum number 1922, 0710.576.

Thomas Packer was born 26 Mar 1824 and baptised 22 Apr 1824 at St. Andrew Holborn, the son of Thomas Packer, law stationer and lithographer of Cursitor Street, and his wife Amelia. Packer worked for a period in Dublin from March 1842, becoming involved in the well-known trial of Daniel O’Connell — Packer had assisted in the design of a number of Repeal Association documents produced in the case. Returned to London, he was declared insolvent in November 1845, but married Mary Ann Cron at St. Vedast Foster Lane 21 Dec 1845. Further financial difficulties followed and he was imprisoned for debt, recorded as a “lithographic and photographic artist” in February 1854. His partner in the short-lived “Packer & Griffin” was probably George Richard Griffin, born in London in 1844 and recorded as a lithographer in 1861, but who had become a box-maker by 1871. Packer’s premises in Winsley Street were badly damaged by fire in March 1885. He had retired by 1891, died at his home 8 Dec 1896 and was buried at Norwood Cemetery 14 Dec 1896. Probate on his effects of £2,961 was granted to Emma Amos 29 Dec 1896.

35 Cursitor Street — 1841
30 Chancery Lane — 1844
19 Earl Street, Finsbury — 1845
3 Evans Court, Basinghall Street — 1845
15 St. George’s Road, Newington — 1849-1851
21 Blackman Street, Southwark — 1854
53 Lambs Conduit Street, Holborn — 1861
9 Winsley Street, Oxford Street — 1873-1890
— 455 Wandsworth Road, Clapham (home) — 1881-1896

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