James Edmund Wood

WOOD, James Edmund (1823?-1896) — London & Plymouth

Architectural and ornamental engraver, wood-engraver and draughtsman. Engraved J. & J. Hicks, Map of the parish of Tooting — Graveney in the county of Surrey 1844.

James Edmund Wood was born in Aldgate, London, in or about 1823. His mother, Sarah, was an organist. He was imprisoned for debt in 1851. By 1861 he was boarding in Plymouth, where he subsequently had a long and active career. He married Fanny Trobridge, a fancy-trimming maker originally from Bloomsbury, at Plymouth in 1863. By 1891, his son Gurney George Wood was also working as an engraver and the business appears to have continued after Wood’s death in the latter part of 1896. A candleograph picture of H.M.S. Revenge, made by Wood in 1872 entirely with a candle and wick, came to light in 1946 (Western Daily News, 6 Apr 1946).

3 New Square, Minories, London — 1851
289 High Holborn, London — 1851
St. Michael’s Chambers, Cornhill, London — 1851
5 Queen Street, Plymouth — 1871-1896

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